Discounted Self Inking Stamps for Precise Impressions

Do you need a self-contained tool which can start to print your required details with slight application of pressure? Are you looking for a compact and light weight device to carry out printing/stamping at full speed and at almost anywhere in Australia? We stock a wide range of self inking stamps to support you in the most reliable manner. Each of our self-inkers includes internal ink pads and functions to supply ink to the text plate repeatedly. With them, you can have precise and quick imprints done on the product or paper. They are far more fashionable and efficient than conventional rubber stamps.
Self inking stamps are otherwise known as push down stamps as they need to be pushed a little bit to press the rubber down onto the paper or product surface. They have been used since the middle of twentieth century. Their simple design and amazing capability to be pressed again and again have made them popular throughout the world. We can custom tailor the self-inking stamps to your individual stamping needs. They can save you time and assure you precise impression of the logo or design from the rubber stamp on to the surface of paper or product used.
But the benefits of our self inkers do not just end here. They come as a single unit, including the ink pad, stamp and a casing. The casing acts like the handle. You can hold it while positioning the self-inking stamp on any product or paper to have an impression on it. Once you apply a little pressure to the casing, the stamp overturns, gets supply of ink and leaves the carved mark clearly on the surface and goes back to its previous position.


And this process can be repeated as many times as you want the imprint. You may be thinking what to do when ink in the stamp dries out. Our self-inking stamps are flexible to use and they have re-inked and replaceable stamp pads. You can even change the color of your impressions by changing the colored pads inside them. Is not it exciting and effective? If you want to get away from all the problems you have faced earlier with your conventional rubber stamps, choose for self inking stamps at Laser Write Promotions. We offer S510, S520, S530, S842, S826 and many more models at extremely reasonable price including GST. Check out our stamps and buy the one that suits your stamping or printing needs around Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.

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